It’s the beginning of her last year in high school, and 17-year-old “George” (Frances) Warren is having a tough time. She’s had a major fight with her best friend and no one from her former close-knit circle wants to hang out with her anymore. Her dad is uncertain if he can ever return to work as a RCMP sergeant after having part of a leg amputated – a complication of his diabetes. Now her family is having financial problems. George might not be able to attend college next year – her much-anticipated escape from her small town.
George’s tendency to hide behind a tough, sarcastic veneer only makes matter worse. (At school she is sometimes known “The Enforcer”.)
Without her friends, she’s lonely, isolated, depressed – and even a little afraid. Is it any wonder that she falls hard for someone? A guy who’s new in town … a guy who’s older than George … much older.
But they share many interests, and a love for witty sarcasm is just one of them. And it would be nice to think that this story might possibly have a happy ending … but it doesn’t.
Perhaps the relationship is doomed from the beginning. McAdam’s career will be over if it’s known that he’s involved with someone so much younger, and so they hide their romance from the world.
Unfortunately, George is also hiding a lot from herself.
Canadian author Hadley Dyer’s beautifully-written, bittersweet novel of forbidden love pulls no punches. Her characters are genuine, especially George, who, despite making some terrible choices and behaving detestably way too often, gains our sympathy. Life has, indeed, thrown her a curve ball.
** Recommended for older teens, 14 years and up.
** Reviewed by Sally Hengeveld, librarian, Stratford Public Library.

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