3.0 stars. I'm surprised that 7 books into this series and I'm not into the characters at all! Why do I keep going? I'm invested and the series does have great moments. The last 1/4th of every book (except #1) is awesome or exciting. But the main characters... WHY does Jenks need to swear about Tink EVERY TIME HE OPENS HIS MOUTH? i.e. "Tink's tampon's", "Tink's panties", "Tink's snickers", and the worst "Tink's a Disney whore"...E-NOUGH! It's not funny; it's stupid. Sometimes Jenks comes up with amusing comments but I don't find him funny at...all!

Ivy...same issues (almost) with Rachel which is getting boring but yes I sympathize with her issues.

Rachel...progress is slow with her character. I feel for her struggles but her big mouth STILL gets her in trouble. Screaming at a banshee (at the end of the book)...stupid death-wish. She often gets saved by some dumb luck instead of wit. In fact part of a reader's suspense throughout (imo) is that we are scared she's going to do something dangerously stupid! Rachel remains true to her character so "she is what she is"... I just wish for some more progressive character development so I can relate to her more. I know...every heroine can't be Kate Daniels! I think KH likes to be different. Is Rachel more "real" because of her faults/insecurities? Perhaps.

Although this is a pretty good series each book is about 500 pages. With the time I've invested (I wish I was a speed reader) at this point I'm impatient to get some closure...SOON. I better get some in book 9 which I expect I'm gonna like. Wish I could skip #8.

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