Another good romp with Rachel and her "family", Jenks the pixie, and Ivy the living vampire. This story really depended a lot on the reader already knowing who the characters are, And there were quite a few in the mix.Tthat made them difficult to keep track of. Towards the end I often found myself wondering who a name referred to, I was more certain of the names of characters from previous books, than the ones I had met in this one, Rachel is still an action heroine, and I hope she stays that way-the situations she gets into, and her interactions with others are always hugely entertaining.
A couple of long introspective periods bogged the story down without shedding enough light on the characters.The scene in the hospital childrens ward was great, it did help explain Rachel and Ivy's motives and outlooks.
I felt like the reader was left dangling with Jenk's dilemma over Matalina (his wife) since it had cropped up big in the early part of the story,

Elizabeth D Turner's rating:
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