"Small Walt" by Elizabeth Verdick
Small Walt was a snowplow, the smallest in the city’s fleet. Because of his size, he was always the last to be chosen when snow needed to be cleared. Sometimes the other snowplows even called him “Small Stuff”!
One cold, dark night, a massive blizzard hit the city and soon the streets were filled with snow. One by one, the other, larger snowplows were started up to clear the streets, but the drivers were doubtful that Small Walt could handle so much snow – all, that is, except Gus.
All night, Gus and Walt cleared snow from the city’s roads and bridges. His engine hummed; his plow pushed the snow and his lights flashed. “My name is Walt / I plow and I salt / They say I’m small / But I’ll show them all!”
The snow continued to fall. The drifts continued to pile up and up and suddenly, Walt came to a huge hill. After slipping and sliding, he finally reached the top and looked down. It was such a looooong way! Could he do it without getting stuck?
Readers can likely guess the happy ending to this story about this determined snowplow who proves that sometimes, small can actually be big! Walt’s feelings of always being the last to be chosen will resonate with many children.
This engaging picture book is reminiscent of two other, well-known stories, “The Little Engine that Could” and “Katy and the Big Snow”.
** Recommended for ages 4 to 8 years.
** Reviewed by Sally Hengeveld, librarian, Stratford Public Library.

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