Caroline Little House, Revisited By Miller, Sarah Elizabeth Book - 2017

I loved the Laura Ingalls Wilder books when I was a little girl, but I thought this book might be like watching movie sequels – often disappointing. However, it was recommended by a friend, so I gave it a shot, and I loved it! Authorized by the Little House Heritage Trust, this is the same Little House on the Prairie story – just written from Ma’s perspective instead of Laura’s, and it’s written for adults. The author does a wonderful job in keeping the same tone. Reading this book made me feel just the same way I felt when I read Little House as a girl. I was again fascinated by the self-sufficiency of the Ingalls family, and I really enjoyed getting to know Ma better. I could barely sit still when they lost control of the wagon crossing the creek and when they were fighting the prairie fire. I sort of want to describe this book as reading “candy” but it would be more accurate to say it’s like dipping a ginger cookie in hot coffee with cream – delicious and a comfort at the same time (but for grownups)!

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