Caroline Little House, Revisited By Miller, Sarah Elizabeth Book - 2017

I am a huge fan of Little House books and TV series and have been since the early 1960's. I have all of the books re: Little House in my personal library. I love re-reading them as they give an appreciation for the conveniences of today. I love the pioneer and western settings.

I was very, very disappointed in this book. It was too wordy and just dragged on and on. I had also hoped that the reviewers on Amazon and numerous other places were exaggerating about the sex scenes. Well, they were not. The numerous sex scenes were totally unnecessary and awkward - definitely NOT in good taste for a Little House book. Charles getting turned on by Caroline's braid? I should have just stopped reading right there. They had sex back then but leave it to the imagination. We didn't need to read about it all like a cheap romance novel.
This was definitely a weird, strange twist on Little House pioneer experience. Definitely NOT worthy of my Little House collection. I bought the Kindle copy of it when it was on sale on Amazon just before reading the large print book from the library. When I found that it was nothing but a cheap, trashy sex pioneer story, I deleted it from my Kindle library. I should have just not read the book - period. It was deceiving on the inside, having such a beautiful and innocent looking cover. The author took what could have been a great book about Caroline's perspective and made Caroline seem to be a mess.
I definitely will not be reading any of this author's books in the future. What a waste of time. If you want pioneer experience, there are plenty of other good books out there.

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