Amid the grey, barren jungle of tall buildings, concrete and asphalt in a large city, two boys find a small sapling growing behind a low wall. One of the boys, remembering his father’s stories of playing happily in the trees and grass as a child growing up in the country, imagines the small tree as it might appear in the future: tall, majestic and beautiful.
Alas, the future doesn’t appear very bright for the sapling when the boys learn that a 247-floor condominium will be built on the very spot where the tree is trying to grow.
The two friends resolve to save what they imagine might be the last tree on earth, for it certainly appears to be the last tree in their neighbourhood. They dig up the sapling and bicycle for hours to find a safe place outside the city. Then they carefully replant it.
This picture book is beautifully illustrated, offering a distinct colour contrast between nature and the increasing urban sprawl of our world. With its powerful ecological message about preserving nature, Ingrid Chabbert’s story inspires an appreciation of trees, nature and beauty. It reminds readers that people of all ages – even children – can take some action to help our world.
** Recommended for ages 4 to 8 years.
** Reviewed by Sally Hengeveld, Librarian, Stratford Public Library.

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